Friday, April 3, 2015


Steve Miller was right. Time keeps on slippin' into the future. Do you remember 30 years ago? I do. It seems like a world ago but at the same time it was my senior year in high school. That doesn't seem that far behind me. I still know the words to all the Tears for Fears tunes. I graduated early and was already at college before my class marched--I never have been one to stand on ceremony. I was pretty sure that it wouldn't be a milestone I'd miss. And I never have.

Many spend a great deal of time looking back but if you cut to 30 years from now? That's sobering. I will be 78. Seventy. Eight. And I don't know if you feel it too but time rushes faster the older we get. It's freaky. A friend of mine has recently relocated to Hawaii. Seemingly on a whim, but it took her 6 years and she says the timing has been perfect. The gist of that?  If there's anything you want to do? Do it. Get started. Now. Build the bridge. It's not going to happen in a hot minute. And you will lessen your frustrations if you just let it develop. But you have to commit. This is my theory anyway.

An example...I'm in no hot hurry to sell this property but because of the unique person it will have to attract, it will take time. So I will probably just list it and forget it. Not run around waxing the floors every other day. The last time it was on the market for 6 mos, it didn't even have one showing. So I'm pretty sure I can take my staging pants off. But when it's time? Someone will appear and buy this place no questions asked. And I need to have an 'up next' episode loosely planned. Thus far it's been dogs, me, no worldly possessions and financial freedom to explore someplace else in the world. But that's not somewhere you can pin on a map.

I've been reading a lot about this next full moon/eclipse phase and planetary alignment. I don't pretend to know what's up but read a lot by experts and star people. I just know something's afoot. The dogs feel it. The birds are talking about it. The moon is about to reveal. It reminds us how if we embrace and accept and be still...there is magic out there. Even in the mundane, ridiculous, predictable. Apparently a cycle is unfolding what has been in knots since mid 2012. A, 'let's wrap this up' sort of thing. Final chapter, scatter the ashes, forgive and forget and let's move on maybe?

One interesting take on it from Mystic Medusa is to think of your intended longed for growth for this next period. All that you've left behind and shed during the journey. And think of all the growth you've been preparing for. And if you don't think you've been through it, take a minute to think where you were in May of 2012. I know exactly my turning point and I'm looking forward to an unfolding and even some divine intervention. It is butterfly season and all. Spread your wings.