Monday, March 30, 2015

Now what?

**Originally published in August 2013, I think this essay is worth reprinting. For the tread water feeling in all of us.

When I sold my restaurants in 2007, I didn't have much of a plan. People always ask. What are you going to do now?! Won't you miss this?  People are always going to ask.

I never have an answer. The best I can come up with is "Not this." When I left New York in 1996 deflated and bored with what I thought would be the career of a lifetime, I had only that in mind. Not this. 

Sometimes things fall in your lap. I hadn't planned on running underground dinner parties in Atlanta to make rent and I hadn't planned on opening restaurants so it made sense that I hadn't planned on selling them either. It just happened that there were buyers and in my mind that's the time to become a seller, because invariably when you want to sell, buyers are hiding behind trees.

I saw a crack of light and I squeezed through it. I felt that I had narrowly missed getting caught in a bear trap. The gripping teeth of ten years was a long time for someone who bopped around a lot. Maybe I'm getting older, I thought. Maybe. But it was time for change.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Just another Thursday.

It's not that I don't "do" the holidays or don't like them, but they just don't enter my mind. I just figure it's a traffic jam, or they're playing the Beach Boys Merry Xmas Baby to irritate me, or perfectly normal people think it's a good idea to wear sweaters with felt on them.

The same poorly wired lighted Santa and reindeer are illuminated in my local park just begging someone to trip over the 4 spliced together cords used to hook them up. There will be lawyers, I think as I walk the dogs. Those are lighted from October-April, so it's hardly noticeable.

The 123 Bottle Shop owned by Ifty of Bangladesh has more employees than customers this time of year because he's expecting a rush like never before on holiday booze. I suggest that the real customers to woo are the loyal daily winos and not these annual amateurs.

Only minor adjustments to my local rural goofy small town rituals but not enough to make me think Weeee! Sugar plums!

I liked Christmas as a little kid, but around 13 I think I started wishing it were different. Better. As exciting as before. Or that my parents could fake it better that it was different, better or exciting. But someone (Dad) was always sulking. Drinking too much. Going to bed without opening presents from the kids. Ignoring festivities and watching the news too loudly while the rest of the brood over compensated with jokes and ate deviled eggs and nog and london broil. There's only so much you can drown out with Bing Crosby, but my mom tried. I really liked my older brothers, whip smart and hilarious if not a little scary. I liked the twinkly lights and of course the buffet spread, but at 16 I learned two things.

Humor helps everything.
The holidays are a source of tension.

Embrace one, abort the other.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fear, The Rabbit.

Is it time to put your nose in the corner? Or face your fears?

Since moving to the country several years ago I pay really sharp attention to nature. Partly, yes, because there's nothing else to do, but the signals and messages are abundant. The lack of distraction and entertainment options makes Nature TV even more fun. 

And of course, I read my Animal Medicine cards. If no particular animal has presented itself multiple times (this weekend The Snake, signaling Transformation) many times the Mouse (Scrutiny and losing sight of the Big Picture) and the Noble Turkey (giveaway, and clearing donation) I pull cards from the deck. It usually resonates with where I am or what I notice in conversations with others. Which is always good to remind us that 

we're all connected somehow no matter how disjointed everything feels 
from time to time. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Told ya so

I didn't think it would be this quick, but fine. Let's get it over with.

This is some shoddy press release cut and paste reporting, especially with a "We're Not Really Price Fixing" lead like..."pork prices likely to rise" from this virus that "can" be fatal, that just happened to migrate from Asia to the US. Just two weeks after Smithfield "partnered" with a Chinese mega vendor for $4 billion.

Control the food and you control the population.

The thing is this: They don't even know how many pigs have died or will. They say the virus doesn't effect pork or people. So where's the economic fire? Just a heads up call of fear to everyone to let them know why prices are going up. Prices will go up because they can, quite simply. But good PR people know how to spin a story that there is a shortage and blah blah. The "Chinese demand" is a bunch of crap too. This whole burgeoning middle class demand meat? Things don't evolve over 3 years. And most of the Chinese "middle" class is just now making a living wage. I don't think they're going all piggy over it and demanding bacon. Most families have a pig, it's not like they've never seen it before. It's all made up media fluffernutter.