Monday, July 23, 2012

Solar flares, head explosions and curry

If any of you have felt weird in the last couple of weeks, there's a good chance you're trying to process a lot of energy tossed out there by solar flares. We're in the middle of a year of big sun explosions and it can affect every aspect of your life. From your computer to power surges to headaches to sleep patterns.  I am, like a few of you, a giant environmental sponge. Sometimes it's called Empath. Some say Highly Sensitive People. I sort of wish I weren't but it does help me in a lot of other aspects of my life and work so I just try to work with it because you can't fight it. It's like killing dandelions. As soon as you stop seeing them as a weed you can't control and just start eating them for all of their benefits, you'll be better off.

I finally found a website that talks about the human connection. Losing your words, scattered thinking, intense sleepiness, nausea and appetite changes as well as The Brow Headache. To track my physical symptoms I go to this Spaceweather site to verify that when I feel wonky there's something big happening with the solar system. My exploding head has been perfectly on track with sun explosions. My neighbor and I confirmed a 930am dry heave on Tuesday that coincided with an X level (very high) flare. You can't predict them but at least the confirmation is better than feeling like you're going nuts.

So what to do? I had headaches as a kid all the way through my 30s, so I have a knee jerk panic at the slightest twinge, but the usual go to OTC ibuprofen et al does nothing anymore. In fact I've started getting headaches when I take ibuprofen so that's out. I'm fearful of their ingredients list. Blue dye? Side effect bleeding stomach and liver failure? Gotta be a better way. And those of you who know me at all know that Advil is as strong as it gets around here. And Tequila. But these headaches grab me during sleep so I'm not going to have a 5am round of tequila. So here's what I've been trying instead. It has worked to make me comfortable enough to sleep it down. I put on what my friend calls my Whale Music, which is usually Native American flute like R. Carlos Nakai. It distracts the mind with expansive so called 'space' music (fewer notes) that deflects the focus on pain. Also counting backwards from 100 gives the mind something else to do than focus on pain generation. Pretty cool, huh. Covering the eyes for me is huge too. Get dark. Get horizontal.

Here are my Top 5 no drug choices

1. The Rice Pillow-a friend gave me one of these and it is the perfect companion in all things. It's an 18x4 bag filled with uncooked rice. Stick it in the freezer in the summer and put it on the back of your neck. Takes pressure off the forehead. I microwave it for cramps. I have started sewing my own for friends. Just use old pillow cases, fill and sew the seam. You can put essential oil inside but I've found that sometimes I don't want to smell anything, so I keep it neutral.

2. Capsaican cream in the nostrils. That's right, the hot pepper cream in the nose. Not all the way inside just at the openings. Opens blood flow of constricted vascular type head pain.

3. Turmeric poultice. This stains your skin, not gonna lie. But it works. You can eat curry and turmeric and just put a little on your food to help with general chronic inflammation, but I don't tolerate the curry in the belly so much. I'd rather use it topically. My other favorite anti inflamm is Arnica. you can take it sublingually or get an ointment. That's great for neck shoulder muscle aches. If you can get someone to rub it on for you all the better. Not only is massage great for well being, the transferred energy can clear yours. When I'm alone I spoon with the dog. And I believe there is nothing more energetically pure than a dog.

4. Skullcap and Feverfew tea or tincture. I have an herbalist friend in VT who grows Skullcap and sends me the drops. I have Feverfew tea which works well too. Sometimes it's the simple cures that work best. Both of these will make you sleeppppyyyy. Skullcap can quiet the monkey mind too.

5. EFT or Tapping. I love this kooky, sorta acupressure mind noodler. Totally free and non invasive, you simply repeat a mantra while tapping pressure points and trigger areas on your head and chest. I like this odd English guy's explanation and YouTube vids. And I like that he says, 'don't worry why it works just do it', and it does.