Thursday, June 9, 2011

Turkey Medicine- Today's Spirit Animal

Animals have all the messages we need. If you pay attention that is. And that's not always easy. They don't talk. Spiders drop out of cabinets on your arm reaching for the honey. Bats swirl your head at a concert. A wild turkey is under your window when you open the curtains in the morning. Then again strolling across your kitchen deck. Then in a tree and flies (flies!?) over your head on your evening stroll near the fig tree.

Okay so my totem animal this week is Turkey. Which for some reason has never been held in much esteem in modern society. Sadly, this noble bird is relegated to one bloated holiday a year, not treated to much respect in the farming industry for sure, and we use their name in vane for a dork. Well, as a ambassador of good will for poultry here's what the Native Americans say about turkey:

So freely you give,
Of everything that you are,
So others may truly live.

Think pot luck. Barn razing. Painting parties. Giving for giving sake. Getting rid of your worldly possessions. Expecting nothing in return...that is manipulation. Sometimes favors fall into that category. Trade up front and at the same time works for me. Or I'll just give and that's that. I find that score keeping drains my energy, and ends up sullying a good deed. This week I was looking for skullcap which is good for monkey mind chatter, anxiety and headaches. All of these things I dance with from time to time. I can't seem to find it on my property but feel like it's right under my feet. But what I do have in abundance is the woman friendly hormone tonic, Vitex. So I found an herbalist with skullcap and we traded. There's something about taking money out of the equation that just feels so great. And nothing against commerce but the more I see money corrupt everything from marriage to governments to entire truly is the root of some shaky vibrations.

So go out and over tip someone in a restaurant. Do you think the Waffle House counter gal routinely gets a $20? Nah. And let's face it. Who's day is harder? Waffle lady or the 5star dinner waiter. The day is the same. Basically you have to be unflappable and have opposable thumbs. And oh, I know of what I speak. It's kinda funny how much we'll pay for cable tv or a "premium" cocktail and how we often stint the actual people in our lives. So think about it. Go drop a bunch of stuff off at the Goodwill. Or just put it on the curb, it doesn't last long. Unpack that mule. Make the turkey proud.