Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fear, The Rabbit.

Is it time to put your nose in the corner? Or face your fears?

Since moving to the country several years ago I pay really sharp attention to nature. Partly, yes, because there's nothing else to do, but the signals and messages are abundant. The lack of distraction and entertainment options makes Nature TV even more fun. 

And of course, I read my Animal Medicine cards. If no particular animal has presented itself multiple times (this weekend The Snake, signaling Transformation) many times the Mouse (Scrutiny and losing sight of the Big Picture) and the Noble Turkey (giveaway, and clearing donation) I pull cards from the deck. It usually resonates with where I am or what I notice in conversations with others. Which is always good to remind us that 

we're all connected somehow no matter how disjointed everything feels 
from time to time.