Friday, October 21, 2011

Booty Parlour

Hey, did you know Frederick's of Hollywood is still open? Yea, me neither. I thought the hierarchy went Target, Victoria's Secret, La Perla. I read about a French woman once who had a collection of bras lined with marabou feathers. And that is something I've never forgotten. I don't know if I can swing with the Frenchwomen, but I could learn a thing or two. I had a French acquaintance one time and she used to laugh and say, "Oh, you are so MOderne, hahaha..." and by that I think she meant, John Wayne-ish.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two Months In---

Since a few of you have asked me how the no grain diet is going I thought I'd start to post my findings with my eating experiments. It's officially been two months. I hesitate to call it a "diet" because for me that seems vain and superficial like I'm trying to fit into a wedding dress or something by the 14th of next month. Don't even joke.

I care not about temporary fixes for anything. And I think anything worth doing is worth doing for the right reasons and doing the right way. Diet smacks of band-aid. Photoshop in real life. Not to say I'm against a short cut---but I am against fooling thyself. I'm not a tattler, but I am a whistle blower. I'm very keen on paying attention to the man behind the curtain. He's up to no good.