Friday, March 25, 2011

Alone Again, Naturally.

Who sang that again? Ah, thank you Google. Gilbert O'Sullivan. Sure. In case you want to wax nostalgic here's a link. And you can be thankful that we've passed that hair phase for men. But maybe not. I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about the Justin Bieber boys and their head toss. But I digress.

So the Carpenter is out. A daunting reality at the top of Spring at the Hacienda what with tilling, digging, chickening, seeding, planting and composting on the list. But when I mentioned that with a bit less "hang time" and bit more "work" going on...we'd be on schedule. He of the hang and coffee klatch for 3 hours every morning, got offended. To his credit, he's a good worker when he's on. When he's not, he's kinda like all the rest. Tools outside. Extension cord tumbleweeds. Unfinished stuff all over the yard. You know, like a HUSBAND.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lowering overhead.

I just placed an order for 50# of pork from my friend Emile at CawCawCreek Farm, arguably the best pork I've ever had. Free range, wild foraging and lovingly fattened up with peanut butter and tofu and hops. I'm VERY excited.

I have 25 chicks in the spare bedroom growing feathers so they can live outside. They make for really loud roommates. I'm happy they are all so alert and active but just a week in and they are raising the roof in there. And eating a LOT. Sunflower seed, oats, chick crumbles, seaweed and alfalfa. Day outings in the sun for grass and bugs. They will be tender and healthy and all organic for a spring "processing". Todd has (nearly) finished their new house out in a field near the tennis courts. I can hardly even imagine a world where people had the deluxe leisure time to bat a ball around on that thing. To me it is a concrete pad perfect for greenhouses, tilapia growing, chicken wrangling. It's not that I'm against leisure, but really? Tennis?

I was telling a friend about the freezer I'm buying with my neighbor to share in these larger protein buys which saves us about $3/lb each on meat and fish and we're buying all organic, grass fed and line caught we're paying about the same for top shelf as the dirty prefrozen inhumane junk from the grocery chain. I've got my End of The World pantry started. Oil Laterns, beans, rice, tuna, pasta, canned veggies, flours and yeasts for breads, water and soon---WINE. Because if it is the end of the world...we're all gonna need a drink. I will have by end of March, enough food for a year.

She laughed and said that her house is like old mother hubbard's bare cupboards but the local Publix is close thankfully. Hmm. I hear ya. Yay for convenience and living like a bachelor. BUT, when the third largest economy in the world has an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown in the span of a week, expect some global shake down. Because they are the largest fresh fish purchasers in the world, it upsets the market. Things will level out. And maybe Toro Tuna at your local Sushi Joint won't be $50/lb. But supply and demand takes a minute. Oh yea and we're bombing Libya, but surely we can still go and buy whatever we want whenever we want, right? As long as there's WalMart, there's a way!

It's only gas and transportation. Mmm. Well, you're going to be paying more for the same junky feedlot meat and dirty piggies and sadly stacked chickens because gas is going up and up. So if you think it's okay to pay $8/lb for Tyson hormone chicken? Go for it. Hell, go to the market daily at $5/gallon and buy a big bag of frozen ones. Fried even! Get some Twinkie's while you're at it. They'll last FOREVER.

But if you want better for your health, quality of life, well being and our economy right here in the US go to Lowe's get a freezer for $150, split a grass fed side of beef with a friend, grow tomatoes, beans and greens--- and get on the bus already. If you say you don't have time, don't have the means, don't have the space, I'll bet if you stop bullshitting yourself you'll see that you do. We all eat. Every single day. It's the most important thing you can do. More important than highlighting your hair, watching cable, driving a sexy car, paying an assload for "health" insurance, getting your nails done, TiVo, Facebook, the gym membership, need I go on?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whatcha call it?

I call them all Mrs. Black. There's Itty Bitty, but she was named before she moved in with me. For someone who's spent a lot of her career naming things, I sure don't stretch the creation juices very far in my animal naming. Everyone is welcomed, if they "do right"(to quote the dude at my service station) but I don't spend a lot of time thinking of names for them. The square headed Pit/Boxer mix rescue is kinda scary and I found a lot of people saying..."ha, ha, hey Buddy!" when they got out of their cars to greet him. Hopeful even. So I call him Buddy.