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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Go Ahead. Be a Jerk.

The full moon this month was on the 10th. Then the 11-11-11 thing happened. I know there are cynics among you (maybe not really, if you're reading my blog...) who think that's just number jumble. Sure.  But the rest of us watched some INSANE behavior kick up in people. I've been called names, dismissed, brought back, cried to, yelled at and confused a LOT during the last couple weeks even without my usual 'charm'. No one is sleeping past 3am. Hair triggers are everywhere. Everyone is wondering what life is all about. Lots of people are falling lust love.

For me, the best plan is to do nothing. Don't respond to knee jerk crazies. Find a new Guatemalan houseboy and start prepping the Tgiving turkey confit. (Welcome, Pedro by the way)--

My take on it is this. If you have things you need to deal with? They're going to come up during major planetary shifts. Those who have been doing their mental health exercises will just hold on. Go into your mystic fox hole. It's kind of a mirage. We'll let you know when it's safe to come out. But if you see your shadow, be warned. It may not be your own.

So go clean out your emotional garbage pails and stop putting all your mind trash in the recycling. Some things aren't meant to be used over and over and over. If you're not ready to let some of your behaviors, habits and vulnerabilities go, at least upcycle. You know, like making the old pallet into a head board. For example, take your incessant need to criticize others while they're helping you and turn that into...hmmm. No, just throw that in the bin.

So to celebrate reinvention, today's Mood/Food is Beef Jerky. I'm using the White Oak Pastures grass fed super lean London Broil. They are here in Georgia. Chuck or round would be good too. And deer is perfect. I use Ruhlman for most of my charcuterie recipes. You can change the seasonings however you like. This time I'm doing a spicy pasilla pepper and smoked Spanish paprika rub to represent all the fire that was smoldering inside of everyone this week. It's a great way to preserve meat and have a good protein snack that travels well. Was glad I had it on the plane on my flight to Oaxaca last week. As much as I hated to pass up a $10 cold sandwich on the airplane. Urp.